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April 9, 2013


For the last few months, we have been experiencing a great turnover and an  understanding of cats behavioral patterns around the our camp, Camp Savuti.

The savuti region has always been known for having great and good sighting throughout the year.Unlike other national Parks in Botswana. Savuti is located  within the Chobe National Park.This area attracts a vast and a variety of wildlife from birds,cats,herd of buffalo, giraffes, elephants you name and you shall find.However the driving force behind this amazing and consistent flow of wildlife to the area is the SAVUTI MARSH.


where there is water there is bond to be a lot of activity with the predators.Hence during game drives our guests are introduced to this intriguing life.

morning game drives



Our camp Manager, Jinxy stated that “. Lions can be found roaming the waterholes in search of prey, along with their competitors, cheetah and hyena. Leopard, jackal, and bat-eared fox are also commonly seen”

So far we have seen two different kinds of lion prides, the interesting thing is that Lions are very territorial creatures but for these prides its all about working together.


This is the Southern Pride, very common visitors who come from the southern side of Savuti, possibly around the mababe depression area. This nomadic pride is related to the Eastern pride which always link with them for a day or two without conflict.Historically, the southern pride is broke off from this pride (The Eastern Pride). They occasionally link for a few days and they have been seen even hunting together, a true sign that they are related. The eastern pride concentrates around the Linyanti –Leopard rock back crossing and moving all the way to the airstrip on the eastern side of the Sand ridge. This pride is never afraid of heights. On many occasions we have seen the playing at the top of Leopard and Sable hill without a problem.


From the SKL Team, Enjoy this post


Pictures by our camp manager Jinxy



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