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My first encounter with a bull Elephant :Surely you experience the best with SKL Group of Camps

October 15, 2012

Hello there

It has been a very long time since i posted anything.So after a long time of postponing  a trip to Savuti and Linyanti. These two places  have always been  the most anticipated to see when visiting this beautiful jewel country of ours Botswana.They are both located in Chobe National Park.Well let me get back to our trip.

It started early morning on a sunday,  myself ,Naomi King  and Brent our representative from South Africa the main objective of this trip was  to go  out there and take pictures of our new tented camp -Camp Linyanti.Before starting our trip we stopped my Shorobe to buy lots of water and food, the heat in botswana is unforgiving so the better  you be prepared to avoid dehydration and our journey began as we headed for Mababe gate.The road was quite okay but bumpy all the way Savuti as we were about to arrive in Savuti we stopped by the salty pans we saw these big elephant bulls so we stepped out of the car to get a better shot of these majestic animals.Oh boy did we had it coming for us…….  after we stepped out of the car they started moving towards us as a norm Naomi and myself we found ourselves bumping onto each other with fear printed on our faces.Brent who was the calm one shouted and told us not to move we just froze there like manikins fingers crosses ,We watched Brent command the elephants and miraculously the elephant listened.Thanks to the Elephant whisperer we were saved.Lessen learnt

Brent the elephant whisperer

phew !!!! what a relief we then continued with our journey till we reached Savuti and from there we headed up west to our destination Camp Linyanti.  TIP : Please know this from Savuti to Linyanti the actual distance is  40km but the tricky part of this is that it takes a driver about 2 hours to get there.WHY???? the sand is very deep which is why i would recommend a 4x 4 vehicle if you have a trailer try to make sure that the wheels of the trailer are a bit bigger.On our way we were able to drive through the sand ridge a place with heavy deep sand of about 6 km YEAH !! pause wait for it. One of the guests going to our campsites were stuck in that sand ridge and we had to go back to help them out.

we pulled out their car with a hinge after  2 hours of  puling the car through the sand  and at the same time  finding twigs and stones  to put under the tyres so that the car does not dig itself any deeper.At this time its getting dark  and we start to hear sounds coming from the bushes so we had to work extra hard.since they had a trailor with them we had to try and pull it out again but this was a difficult task we tried pulling it out but it kept digging itself deeper and deeper .Just as we were about to give up an SKL camps vehicle came up and helped us out .we got to Camp Linyanti past mid-night.

Til then , enjoy the post





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