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January 31, 2012

It is always ideal that as a worker in the tourism industry , one should know their area of expertise in and out, left right and center.i am a fresh graduate and i have just being introduced to the world of marketing sales at SKL Group of camps in Maun,Botswana.

The best part about my job is that  i get to  travel a lot , since all  of our camps are located in  National parks , i m required to  take regular trips there as part of my job description .This will help me elevate  or  market the company to a higher level, it is easy to market a product like a safari if you have experienced it  yourself ,its easy to elaborate more on it and help clients know their way there.

My first  journey to our camps was Savuti.Savuti is famously known for the rare endangered species of wilddogs as shown in  the

National Geographic Channel.The savuti area covers vast grasslands in the Moremi park.after at least two hours of driving it started to rainy heavy and we driving a 4×4 thank God,as it rained the road got muddy and  cars tend to get stuck ,nevertheless even during the winter season it is possible to get stuck too because of the sandy road, so our clients are adviced to use 4×4 cars and not to off road in the park.
Back to my trip :
As we were driving , i encountered a heard of zebras that had migrated from the amazing Linyanti area which is in the Chobe National Park into the Savuti Marsh.The most memorable part about the zebras is that i had the privilege to see a zebra giving birth., which is a rare thing to see in the wild.It was a amazing and spectacular to witness.

A zebra giving birth

Till then enjoy this post !!



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